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How to Play Sungem Run! – A Rise of the Occulites Game

G’day guys,

While I work on finishing off the packaging art for Dawn and its expansions and since it is my wedding anniversary today, my wife and I wanted to share the How to Play video for a game that we both co-designed and set in the Rise of the Occulites universe called Sungem Run!

Sungem Run Front Cover

It is a tense, deduction game that uses dice for 2-8 players (or 2-13 with expansions) that plays in 10-30 minutes (depending on player count and skill).

There are several ways to play, with enormous re playability and more in development for the future. It has been in development for over a year and a half now and is set directly after the storyline in Dawn. The Tribal Chiefs of the Tribes that didn’t collect enough Sungems to heat their cave over the Long Dark, don’t want to just give up. So they quickly send out their four members to a nearby Podmothine to raid its Sungems under the cover of darkness. The Chiefs stay back to guard their Home Caves, but your Tribe is not the only one with this idea. If your Tribe is discovered raiding the Podmothine, your Home Cave will be swamped with other Tribes and your Chief will not be able to stop them raiding it.

We are extremely proud of Sungem Run! and have tested it thoroughly with many ages and backgrounds. Sungem Run! has developed into something really special and as such we are looking at Kickstarting this fantastic game around the middle of the year and would love your support. So check out the video and let us know what you think.

All the best and take care,


Kickstarter launches next week!

G’day guys,

So the time has finally come where the first game in the Rise of the Occulites Saga Dawn launches into the wilds. A very exciting and proud time for me as I’ve seen the game grow and develop over time. Thanks to the encouragement you have all provided and the interest you have shown in watching the game develop and helping to shape it over the years.

Palaudis vs Hyrdis

Which Tribe will you choose to lead? Palaudis or Hydris?

It is incredibly rewarding to have gotten to this point, but to complete the journey of the first game Dawn, we will need the support of the community that has watched on as Dawn grew from an idea and blossomed into the game it is today. So please check out the Kickstarter when it launches next week and consider pledging to help release this game officially into the big, wide world. It will ship with two Tribes (Palaudis and Hydris) in the box, as well as 18 Luftles! Then there will be three expansion packs that contain one tribe each (Floris, Ignis and Nimbus). There will also be tiers for prepainted figures, or you can go for unpainted and choose your own colour scheme! Stretch goals are looking exciting as well and we can’t wait to share them with you all!

An exact date and time will be confirmed soon, so please stay tuned.

Welcome to Dawn!

2013 – The Dawn of the Rise of the Occulites Saga

G’day guys,

A very warm welcome and a Happy New Year to everyone! We hope that 2013 brings excitement, laughter and great times to all!

Luftle Scout low res
We are looking forward to the Dawning of the Rise of the Occulites Saga with our first boardgame coincidentally titled “Dawn – Rise of the Occulites”, which will debut on Kickstarter with Eagle Games early this year. Please look for announcements about our upcoming Kickstarter soon! Please also consider spreading the word about the game if its something that intrigues you or you like the look of. It helps us get the word out there.

Dawn Box Lid Chosen with extra Luftle 50%

Have a look around the site for information about the game and the setting itself. There are some videos showing some of the gameplay concepts and what the characters look like.

Thanks for your support, we are most grateful for it indeed.

Happy holidays and welcome to the Rise of the Occulites.



For more information on Dawn – Rise of the Occulites, you can visit:

The Rise of the Occulites Blog: www.riseoftheocculites.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Darwin-Games/199925236725742

Board Game Geek Game Page: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/90274/dawn-rise-of-the-occulites

Eagle Games: http://www.eaglegames.net

Concepts of Dawn Rise of the Occulites Gameplay Episode One

G’day guys,

I plan to release a series of short videos that take you through some of the gameplay concepts in Dawn: Rise of the Occulites.

The first in the series can be viewed right here:

If there’s something in particular you’d like to see, please let me know and I’ll address it in one of the next few videos. I hope you enjoy it and please consider spreading the word.

Remember, Dawn – Rise of the Occulites will launch on Kickstarter with Eagle Games early in 2013.