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Sungem Run Review by UndeadViking

G’day guys,

You may have seen a bit of information filtered through the blog of our next game ‘Sungem Run!’

Well, we are getting very close to launching our Kickstarter (just crossing the t’s and dotting all the lower case j’s) and hope to have it up and running by the end of August.
My wife (who co-designed the game) and I are very excited about this. We are really proud of the game and how it plays and are looking forward to sharing it with the world.

The first video review of it is up, so we’d love you to check it out (embedded below) and let us know what you think. A big thanks to Lance (UndeadViking) for putting it together. Thrilled to hear that you really liked it mate!

Are you as excited about it as we are?
If you or your friends like deduction games and are looking for one with a few interesting twists on the genre and a bit of meat on the bones, check it out and tell your mates about it.
You can also start a conversation or two here on this blog or:

Board Game Geek page: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/155056/sungem-run
The Darwin Games Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Darwin-Games/199925236725742

Here’s what we are aiming for with the cards:

Palaudis Tribe Card for Sungem Run

Palaudis Tribe Card for Sungem Run

If any of you have any questions about the game, then please feel free to ask away and we’ll be more than happy to answer.
Ben and Shae.


How to Play Sungem Run! – A Rise of the Occulites Game

G’day guys,

While I work on finishing off the packaging art for Dawn and its expansions and since it is my wedding anniversary today, my wife and I wanted to share the How to Play video for a game that we both co-designed and set in the Rise of the Occulites universe called Sungem Run!

Sungem Run Front Cover

It is a tense, deduction game that uses dice for 2-8 players (or 2-13 with expansions) that plays in 10-30 minutes (depending on player count and skill).

There are several ways to play, with enormous re playability and more in development for the future. It has been in development for over a year and a half now and is set directly after the storyline in Dawn. The Tribal Chiefs of the Tribes that didn’t collect enough Sungems to heat their cave over the Long Dark, don’t want to just give up. So they quickly send out their four members to a nearby Podmothine to raid its Sungems under the cover of darkness. The Chiefs stay back to guard their Home Caves, but your Tribe is not the only one with this idea. If your Tribe is discovered raiding the Podmothine, your Home Cave will be swamped with other Tribes and your Chief will not be able to stop them raiding it.

We are extremely proud of Sungem Run! and have tested it thoroughly with many ages and backgrounds. Sungem Run! has developed into something really special and as such we are looking at Kickstarting this fantastic game around the middle of the year and would love your support. So check out the video and let us know what you think.

All the best and take care,

What’s up with this new Dice of the Occulites game?

G’day guys,

If you have been following our Kickstarter for Dawn – Rise of the Occulites you will have noticed a new update today talking about revised stretch goals.
The first change was that the Objective cards added to each Tribe are now @ $40K, instead of $50K, making it much more likely that this awesome addition to Dawn will see the light of day.

The second and most major addition to the stretch goals is at $45K, $50K and $55K, with the inclusion of a brand new game ‘Dice of the Occulites’. This will be included for free to every backer if we reach those totals.
I see that some people were apprehensive about this, but let me assure you that this is a fun game, that fits in this Kickstarter and adds value to your pledge.

First things first, here are the rules for you to download: DICE OF THE OCCULITES – THE EXPLORATION OF CREPUSCULUM

Dice of the Occulites is a fast, fun and tactically challenging new game set in the Occulite universe. It is a separate game to Dawn – Rise of the Occulites, but takes place during the same period of time. Whereas Dawn allows you to take control of a Tribe of Occulites, Dice of the Occulites allows you to take control of the role of someone that has found a ‘window in space’ and begins to research the world of Crepusculum. So think of Dice taking place on Earth and Dawn taking place in Crepusculum at the same exact time.
Each player starts the game with a particular Tribe they are interested in researching (represented by 6 dice in that Tribe’s colour), but as the game goes on, players can share knowledge with others to broaden their interests and put them in the best place to make discoveries each round. Roll your dice, allocate them to the six cards that appear each round and then resolve each one by one. But victory isn’t assured as each card has a game changing effect that will need to be taken into account to make the best discoveries and win the game.
Hydris Card 1a
Palaudis Card 2a
Dice of the Occulites – The Exploration of Crepusculum is playable by up to 5 players (as long as the $50K stretch goal is hit) and takes 15-30 minutes to play. I have tested and played this game with grade 3/4s and they have picked it up quickly. After a game the mechanics fade into the background and you can concentrate on the tactical decisions when allocating dice. It has loads of replayability, is a blast to play and reveals a little more of the Occulite world, all in a small time frame. More information on each discovery will be hosted on this blog and the Darwin Games website once it is updated, which links it even closer to the rest of the Rise of the Occulites story.
I know that you will enjoy playing Dice of the Occulites, so please download the rules and ask any questions you may have. Now for your pledge you will be receiving two fun and fantastic games. One for when you crave a deep strategic game and one for when you are up for a faster game.
All the best guys and thank you once again for supporting the first game in the Rise of the Occulites Saga – Dawn.
Here is a super quick 4 minute video about why Dawn is worth backing. Enjoy!
You can help Dawn get some more exposure on Board Game Geek by thumbing our video here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/video/31330/dawn-rise-of-the-occulites/why-dawn-is-awesome-and-you-should-be-backing-i

Advanced Gameplay Playthrough Video for Dawn

Palaudis Tribe Objectives Coloured low res

G’day guys,

Yesterday we shot a fully playthrough of the first scenario of Dawn using all five layers of the advanced rules.

Due to the simplicity of the scenario, not all aspects of each layer ended up being used. But hopefully the video demonstrates how the advanced rules change the game up a bit and we look forward to showing you more of these over the coming weeks as we film more scenarios. If there is a scenario you would like to see us play, then please let us know and we will endeavor to tee it up.

Please excuse my voice and my coughing on this video. I have come down with the flu and am quite crook.

So without further adieu, please enjoy this next video!


Terrain Overlays, Complete Rules and Playthrough Videos, Oh My!

G’day guys,

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for pledging to my game. I am extremely grateful that you are helping this dream of mine become a reality. This update will be the first of many that I am making to discuss different aspects of the game and to give you guys more information about the depth and breadth of Dawn and what you will be getting.

Rulebook Download

Before we start today’s update, I wanted to post a clear link to the complete rules for Dawn – Rise of the Occulites as it has got a bit lost in amongst the page and I’d like everyone to have access to it. It has been available as a download since day one. Please download it and have a read through! 🙂 DOWNLOAD RULES HERE

Playthrough Video of Core Rules

Something else that I’ve uploaded to my blog and posted in the comments was a complete playthrough video of the first Scenario. It uses just the Core rules to demonstrate what the game at its core is all about. Videos going over some of the five different layers of advanced rules will be posted over the coming days.

Terrain Overlays

There have been some calls to ask for some more information on the Terrain Overlays and what they look like. So I have uploaded images of all the different Terrain Overlays that come with the base game. There are more in the expansions. So here they are:

Bare Tree Deep Lake Home Cave Luftle Nest Podmothine River A River B Rocky Outcrop Scenic Features B Scenic Terrain A Shallow Lake Swamp A Swamp B The Ridge Trees 2 Trees

There are multiple of the Scenic Features (7 hex rocks and 7 hex plants) as well as multiples of the Trees. The Ridge and the large Rocky Outcrop are back to back.

In the Core rules, Terrain is broken up into three different types: Clear (move through it normally), Difficult (it costs 2 Speed for each space moved through) and Impassable (cannot move through it). If you layer in the Advanced Terrain rules, each piece of Terrain has its own unique effect on the game. You can find out more about these on page 21 of the Dawn – Rise of the Occulites rulebook. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I have a big post on what Campaigns look like in Dawn that I will repost as an update here tomorrow, but is there something gameplay oriented in particular you would like to know about?


Core Rules Full Playthrough Video!

G’day guys,

This video is a full gameplay playthrough of the first scenario of Dawn – Rise of the Occulites. It uses all prototype components.

We played using just the Core rules and this is the most basic way to play the game. We wanted to show this off first so that players who only want to dip their toes into the system to start with can see what they are in for.

There are five layers of advanced rules that can be transitioned in which gives the players more options, more decision points and deepens the gameplay further. Future videos will go into this more. We would love to know what you think! If you have any questions, please ask! Enjoy! 🙂


Concepts of Dawn Rise of the Occulites Gameplay Episode One

G’day guys,

I plan to release a series of short videos that take you through some of the gameplay concepts in Dawn: Rise of the Occulites.

The first in the series can be viewed right here:

If there’s something in particular you’d like to see, please let me know and I’ll address it in one of the next few videos. I hope you enjoy it and please consider spreading the word.

Remember, Dawn – Rise of the Occulites will launch on Kickstarter with Eagle Games early in 2013.