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How you can help get Dawn funded!

Like a rocketship countdown, we are into the last 10 days of the Dawn – Rise of the Occulites Kickstarter and we need your help to spread the word.

If the game doesn’t fund, it won’t be produced, so to help us fund and start heading for the stretch goals, here are some things that you could help us do.

1) Pledge for the Game on Kickstarter

2) Talk it up to your friends and gaming buddies

3) Share information about the game on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc…)

4) Post about it on Board Game Geek. The rulebook is available to download. You could have a flick through and post your thoughts on the game.

5) Thumb our videos and photos on Board Game Geek to give them some more exposure

6) If it is mentioned in Board Game Geek News at all, post comments about what you like about the game.

Palaudis vs Hyrdis

Let’s talk it up and bring this game home strong during the last 10 days guys. We need your help, so please, let’s get Dawn some more exposure!


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