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What’s up with this new Dice of the Occulites game?

G’day guys,

If you have been following our Kickstarter for Dawn – Rise of the Occulites you will have noticed a new update today talking about revised stretch goals.
The first change was that the Objective cards added to each Tribe are now @ $40K, instead of $50K, making it much more likely that this awesome addition to Dawn will see the light of day.

The second and most major addition to the stretch goals is at $45K, $50K and $55K, with the inclusion of a brand new game ‘Dice of the Occulites’. This will be included for free to every backer if we reach those totals.
I see that some people were apprehensive about this, but let me assure you that this is a fun game, that fits in this Kickstarter and adds value to your pledge.

First things first, here are the rules for you to download: DICE OF THE OCCULITES – THE EXPLORATION OF CREPUSCULUM

Dice of the Occulites is a fast, fun and tactically challenging new game set in the Occulite universe. It is a separate game to Dawn – Rise of the Occulites, but takes place during the same period of time. Whereas Dawn allows you to take control of a Tribe of Occulites, Dice of the Occulites allows you to take control of the role of someone that has found a ‘window in space’ and begins to research the world of Crepusculum. So think of Dice taking place on Earth and Dawn taking place in Crepusculum at the same exact time.
Each player starts the game with a particular Tribe they are interested in researching (represented by 6 dice in that Tribe’s colour), but as the game goes on, players can share knowledge with others to broaden their interests and put them in the best place to make discoveries each round. Roll your dice, allocate them to the six cards that appear each round and then resolve each one by one. But victory isn’t assured as each card has a game changing effect that will need to be taken into account to make the best discoveries and win the game.
Hydris Card 1a
Palaudis Card 2a
Dice of the Occulites – The Exploration of Crepusculum is playable by up to 5 players (as long as the $50K stretch goal is hit) and takes 15-30 minutes to play. I have tested and played this game with grade 3/4s and they have picked it up quickly. After a game the mechanics fade into the background and you can concentrate on the tactical decisions when allocating dice. It has loads of replayability, is a blast to play and reveals a little more of the Occulite world, all in a small time frame. More information on each discovery will be hosted on this blog and the Darwin Games website once it is updated, which links it even closer to the rest of the Rise of the Occulites story.
I know that you will enjoy playing Dice of the Occulites, so please download the rules and ask any questions you may have. Now for your pledge you will be receiving two fun and fantastic games. One for when you crave a deep strategic game and one for when you are up for a faster game.
All the best guys and thank you once again for supporting the first game in the Rise of the Occulites Saga – Dawn.
Here is a super quick 4 minute video about why Dawn is worth backing. Enjoy!
You can help Dawn get some more exposure on Board Game Geek by thumbing our video here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/video/31330/dawn-rise-of-the-occulites/why-dawn-is-awesome-and-you-should-be-backing-i

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