A journey of discovery…

Look what this Luftle found while out scouting…

Luftle holding Dawn

G’day guys,

The Kickstarter for Dawn – Rise of the Occulites is drawing very close now. The official launch date won’t be far off, so stop by here and/or the Darwin Games Facebook Page regularly over the next week to find out exactly when.

Now is the time to get excited and get prepared to launch into the world of the Occulites. We are looking for the support of our fans to get the first game in the Rise of the Occulites Saga funded, so please share this news and the game with your friends. Dawn – Rise of the Occulites is a game that has a very unique setting and has a lot of components, so we need our fans to rally to the campaign to help make the game a reality, thus allowing others to explore the Occulite world that you have all seen develop over the last few years.

I sincerely thank all the fans of the game that have shown their support over the years and look forward to continuing the journey with them as well as welcoming new fans to the Rise of the Occulites Saga.

Soon the Long Dark will be over and the sun will reveal itself over the Nimbus Peaks, splashing its light across Crepusculum and ushering in ‘Dawn – Rise of the Occulites’.



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