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Refining Templates for Dawn

G’day everyone!

In between planning and teaching my grade 3s, I’ve been thinking about some of the feedback I’d gotten in regards to the new card templates for Dusk. I really wanted to standardise the Natural Selection Deck for all my games so that common information can be found in the same place, even if it is used a bit differently. The idea is that this would make it easier for people to pick up new games in the series.

The general feedback from the new Dusk card templates has been really positive and everyone I’ve heard from has suggested that they liked them better than my original Dawn card templates. While I really loved the original ones (and the ones before that), I am always looking to improve the appearance of my work and also to make information easier to reference. This has seen me revising these new templates to be more Dawn specific and a bit more snazzy. Speaking to a few people around the traps here made me make the decision to not include the the small attack number for defense cards and the small defense number for attack cards. This cleans up the template considerably, but hopefully it is simple enough to remember that all Defense cards can be used as Attack cards by halving the number and rounding down. The same goes for Attack cards being used as Defense cards. I hope everyone else shares this view.

Anyway, here they are! I would love to know what you think. 🙂

This is one of the regular Natural Selection Deck cards.

You will notice that when it can be used is highlighted. Attacking will be in red, Defending will be in blue, moving and any other keyword will be in bold black.








This is one of the Boost cards. The difference here is the Sun in the sky and the large Combat number is white/grey like in the last set of templates. Again, you can see that the keyword Attacking is bolded in red.









Here we have the card back. I’ve gone for a borderless back with the game title clearly in view. This will help differentiate it from Natural Selection Decks from other games in the series.









The cards for Dusk will be similar, but will of course have a different background (depicting Dusk rather than Dawn and will include the additional game information it requires).

I have more narrative to upload soon as well which I am looking forward to doing, not to mention player boards that I am working on as well.

Dawn seemed to go down well at Vul-Con 2012, but I am eager to get the word out there, so if you have any questions, just ask and if you know anyone who might be interested in joining our journey through Darwin’s story, let them know about us. 🙂

All the best and look for more updates soon.


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