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Game Mechanic question for the second game in the series: Dusk – Rise of the Occulites II

G’day guys,

I’m continuing to playtest the second game in the Rise of the Occulites series: Dusk – Rise of the Occulites II and I am finding myself at a crossroad.

I just had a quick question to gauge your opinions on the combat mechanics of Dusk should operate. I’ve designed two different options and am trying to choose which one to move forward with. Both work well, but one is more involved, the other is a little less strategic, but easier to pick up.

Option A: Uses D6s, in combat roll a number of D6s equal to the Combat value on the block. Each 4+ counts as a success. Defender has less successes, block is removed.
PROS: Much faster and easier to teach/learn/play
CONS: Less strategy and tactical plays possible

Option B: Natural Selection Deck tailored for use with Dusk. Combat value on the blocks is what needs to be rolled under on D10s. Card deck with standard cards and then cards from each tribe participating in the game is shuffled through. Cards can be used for combat and also effects. Cards from “Your Tribe” give you bonuses if you use them, but can be used less effectively by your opponent. Combats become more tactical and cards can be played for effects. Cardplay becomes just as important (if not more) than dice rolling.
PROS: More tactical, cardplay provides interesting decisions/choices, effects will create interesting situations to overcome and tribe specific cards add to the flavour of each tribe. Much more differences between tribes.
CONS: A bit more complex, adds a little bit to the playing time and more components.

I know without the rules its not that much to go on, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask before sharing your thoughts. Or if you’d like, feel free to post as many or as few thoughts as you like.

I’d really like Dusk to be more approachable than Dawn, but at the same time, retain solid depth and playability to preserve its long term replayability.


Feel free to post below, or you can head over the forum and join the discussion


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