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Scale Photos of the Palaudis and Floris

G’day guys,

Today, just a couple of scale comparison pics to give you an idea of the size and mass of these figures. They are nice and heavy and provide a good heft when moving them around on the table.

I hope that helps give you guys an idea on scale for the figures and the game. Dawn will see you with very small tribes (never more than 5 Occulites and a handful of Luftles), so the aim was always to make these figures “feature figs”, allowing you to spend more time on terrain and on painting the figures to a high standard rather than pumping them out. A nice side benefit of this is you could legitimately collect all the tribes without breaking the bank too much!

Also, don’t forget to sign up on the new Darwin Games forum and participate in discussions there – we would love to know what you guys are thinking. As an incentive, there is a description of how the Natural Selection Cards work within the game. That will be posted up here next week, but if you want to see it early, head on over to http://riseoftheocculites.proboards.com/index.cgi and check it out.


One response

  1. Michael Greenhill

    The Floris guy with the upraised flail is awesome and looks like he really means business.

    July 24, 2011 at 12:01 am

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