A journey of discovery…

Introducing the Luftles!

G’day again guys!

I have received another set of photos from Bob – this time of the Luftles.

The Luftles are a bit like a helper/slave race in the Occulite’s world. Most tribes enslave them to fight, gather and help their Occulite masters. This doesn’t mean that they are cruel or mean to them, but they often force it upon them. The Luftles however have an affinity with the Palaudis tribe, who view themselves as equals, welcoming them into their caves and tribes. In fact every Palaudis Chief Occulite will have a Luftle advisor that he will consult with. More recently, Luftles have begun to gather tribes of their own in areas where they have been taken for granted by the Occulites. With scouts and warning drummers, these Luftle tribes have become quite independent – a force to look out for.

So without further adieu – I proudly introduce the Luftles!

Luftle Scout

Luftle Tribe Member 1

Luftle Tribe Member 2

Luftle Drummer

Luftle Chief

Please note that there is a flanged area at the back of their heads to add in a Silfor tuft of grass or reeds (different colours for different tribes)

I hope you like them – which one is your favourite?

Feel free to comment below!
Ben. 🙂


One response

  1. Michael Greenhill

    The drummer is my favorite, with the scout a close second. I love the “they went that way” pose and the pointing hand. They all look really superb. Is that a fly trap plant on the chief’s head? It looks really cool. This setting is looking pretty awesome!

    June 7, 2011 at 1:11 am

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