A journey of discovery…

Entry 4 – Monday Morning April 19th, 1982

“The chainsaw!” my mind screams. Adrenaline rushes through my body as I sit upright in bed, straining my ears to confirm. My eyes explode open and I’m out of the bed in one smooth motion, doona sprawled on the floor, I dash outside.

Muscles tense, craning my neck as I look out over the veranda, down the hill to where Pa is… I open my mouth to call out to him, but I’m too late. The mechanical whir was not the chainsaw, but the mulching machine. The log was gone.

I feel the blood rush from my face as I see the wood chips spinning through the air. “It’s over before it had even really begun.” I think to myself, my eyes becoming glassy.

I see Pa waving over to me. I force a smile and wave back. The noise from the mulcher stops and Pa’s voice echoes up the hill. “Time for some breakfast then!”


Pa winks at me from across the table, quietly munching on his toast. I stifle a laugh. He can tell something has upset me, but he knows how to cheer me up. Besides, its funny watching his grey nose hairs wiggle around – like little worms dancing.

“You gonna take a look around the place today mate?” he asks between bites. “Been a while since you’ve been here – a lot’s changed.” He winks again, mopping up the runny egg from his plate with the last of his toast.

I take a gulp of my milk and shrug my shoulders. “I guess.”

“Might take your mind off things.” Pa responds scratching his chin. “How old are you now anyway Darwin?”

“You know how old I am Pa!” I say giggling.

His face wrinkles up kindly in a cheeky smile. “It’s just you’ve grown a moustache overnight.”

I quickly wipe the milk from my lips and smile. I love that joke. Always have.

Pa stands up and collects the dishes. “You go and get yourself dressed now and go and explore. See what you can find out there. Just be back for lunch.”

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